20. From Montreal Canada. One of a kind.

I wanna skateboard again.

I miss that feeling.

Standin up, ridin, breeze all over you. (Thats for a lil while)

Then I fall. hahaha i miss it.


no fucking title

Whenever I’m sad, mad, frustrated and I don’t feel like talking

I just take the teddy bear that you gave me

Knowing that I have you as a true friend and that you’d make me happy

I just tear it up on it. 


want a danm mothuuheffin’ taco. 


If you want her in your life
Then you got to be willing to try 
See it’s worth the struggle
Cause in the end she will always 
Be your best friend…

Musiq Soulchild

feel good talking to you .

id be better by your side

nuff said 

bai .